Our Lady of Hope School

Catholic Primary School, Reception to Year 7


The English curriculum encompasses the teaching of reading, writing, spelling, grammar, speaking and listening.

Children participate in activities that develop the knowledge and skills to interpret and use English confidently in a range of situations. They will read, listen to, view and discuss a rich variety of texts every day and will learn the skills to create their own oral, print and digital texts. Students are encouraged to think critically and creatively and will work both individually and collaboratively to develop these skills. They are also provided with many opportunities to present their ideas and opinions to others.

At Our Lady of Hope, we recognise that the development of early literacy skills forms a solid foundation for success across all learning areas. We have a strong focus on early intervention and a number of support programs to assist children with the development of their literacy skills.  We employ a Key Literacy Teacher and a Reading Coordinator to support and oversee our literacy programs. We have a goal that no child leaves the Early Years not being able to read independently.

Our Literacy programs not only aim to help children develop the skills they need to be successful learners, but also aim to foster a love of literacy.
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