Our Lady of Hope School

Catholic Primary School, Reception to Year 7


Children will participate in activities that develop knowledge and skills to interpret and apply Mathematics confidently, in both school and real-life situations. They will develop fluency, understanding, problem solving and reasoning in Mathematics. The children will learn through a mixture of explicit instruction and engagement in mathematical investigations where they will need to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems.

Students are encouraged to think mathematically to solve problems in a variety of different ways. They will share their ideas, mathematical thinking and problem solving strategies with others. Students will work both individually and collaboratively to develop lifelong numeracy skills.

We recognise that the development of the foundational life skills in numeracy is crucial for later success. We employ a Key Numeracy teacher to oversee our Mathematics curriculum and to coordinate and run both support and extension programs in numeracy. These programs focus on the explicit teaching of number skills, as well as helping children to apply their skills to problem solving situations.


Cnr. The Golden Way & Golden Grove Road,
Greenwith, SA 5125