Our Learning Philosophy

We are committed to offering all children in our school a broad curriculum that is engaging, relevant, innovative, values based and which caters for their individual and varied needs.

Our children are encouraged to be actively involved in their own learning. We believe that positive relationships, as well as a comfortable and safe environment where all children are encouraged to take risks and learn from their mistakes, is essential in order to develop a successful learning environment.

We believe that a quality curriculum needs to prepare children for the rapidly changing world that they are living in. The use of information technology is integrated across all curriculum areas as we believe that it is essential that children develop their skills as both users and creators of technology in today's digital world.

As part of our approach to teaching and learning, we offer a balance of explicit instruction and opportunities for children to engage in inquiry based learning. Through explicit instruction, we teach children the essential knowledge and skills that they need in order to successfully access the curriculum. Inquiry based learning enables children to engage in learning activities whereby they pose questions, undertake research, think critically and creatively, and work collaboratively with others in order to solve problems and develop their understanding of the world in which they live.

Being a Catholic school, we also provide opportunities for children's spiritual growth through our Religious Education programs, prayer and liturgical celebrations. We have a strong commitment to values based education and our teaching and learning programs are grounded in gospel values. Our desire is that children develop a strong respect for human dignity and develop a commitment to care for our environment. Our goal is for children to be people of integrity, who are relational, compassionate, strive for justice, and who use their God given gifts and talents in an ethical way to contribute to society.